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Yamagami brothers


Yamagami Akinoshin/He was Born in December 1, 1995./ Sagittarius./ Blood: B type. /Pet name:Attkey
Yamagami Yoshinoske/He was Born in August 11, 1994. /Leo./ Blood: O type./ Pet name:Yottch
Them lesson: The piano, the swim, and the tap dance.
Harry Potter in Japan
The Guinness Book recognition world minimus illusionist Yamagami brother

2000,October /Elder brother Yoshinoske(6 years old) Debut
2001,April/ Minimus illusionist birth of Yamagami brother debut (Yoshinoske 6 years old,Akinoshin 6 years old)
2002,March/ South Korea SBS [whole country infant genius whole country on Sunday] appearance.
2002,August/ China Santo Shou city peace memorial appearance and Chinese whole land net CCTV broadcasting of [ international youth cultural art festival ceremony].
2002,autumn/ It is introduced to 110 countries in the world by Japan topics.
2002,October/ Certificate acceptance of one recognition in the Guinness world.
2002,October/ South Korea MBS Bunka Broadcasting [ topic concentration ] appearance of [ 2002,October/ Yamagami brother's happy magic ] Hibiya Public Hall of recital.
2002,December/ [ special prize ] winning from Japanese magic society.
2002,December/[ Yamagami brother's happy Christmas] Asakusa Public Hall.
2003,March/ [ Yamagami brother's happy spring vacation ] Kannai Hall.
2003,April/ [ Yamagami brother's happy spring vacation ] Hibiya Public Hall.

Ther is introduced to the newspaper, the magazine, and the television, etc. with the charisma school child, and it becomes the trigger of school child's magic boom.
Surge of popularity inside now.


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