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This name: Ryo Matsuki
Tricks species: Daikagura
June 3, 1977: Date of Birth
Birthplace: Tokyo Nishitokyo
Hobbies: pet cat
Affiliation: Other (company) storyteller Association, Friends of Lions
FY 2007 National theater star entertainment Award Silver: Heisei award

Arts history
First phase of training start Daikagura National: 1995
The undercard at the same apprenticeship training completion storyteller Association: 1998
Undercard of study completion: 1999
Stage in Tokyo each place along with the traditional Japanese teacher and small comfort,
The activities around the vaudeville mainly. I to the present.
Join the Agency for Cultural Affairs Laos performances: 2006
Join the Agency for Cultural Affairs Cambodia performances: 2008


artist profile
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