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[Introduction of the technique]
Water meteor
Show off rotation technique, such as the shooting star in a container of water filled. I put (or fire) and water bowl two which is connected with a string, and then rotates while the acrobatics.

Fountain once
I turn the big pot on the head.

It is a technique that creates the ultimate flexible body. Allows you to pose in various ways while balancing put the candle of 40 or more forehead, both hands, both feet.

· Saramawashi
  While turning lightly several pieces of the dish, you can pose a variety.

Coma once
You can pull or throw the China frame with a string of one, and is used to show off a variety of attractions while are skillfully manipulated at will.

· Hen-men
Without having to touch your hands, we will place one after the other your face in an instant.

sing and dance groups introduce
" Narrow strip of water ,Tamehashi "
Chinese culture Deputy High UranaiSachi teacher I used to go for Tokyo Hisageshi China sing and dance groups . Japan China musician in 1982 is formed " Japan-China cultural exchange , want to be a bridge of friendship through music , which themselves can be ," said Tokyo China sing and dance groups members are musicians who were at the forefront of China's music world , singer , dancer is . It appeared in recitals and events , acrobatics , Hen-men , such as Peking Opera also adopted , we introduce the China art song and dance in a variety of ways . In addition , we are continuing to cultural exchange with the people of Japan by a wide range of guidance offered , Agekin and erhu , a Chinese song music classroom " Hana " . Music is the language of the people of the world , it is an important property . I hope that you Rikaishiai to each other and people around the world through music , it is connected by a deep friendship . Tour of Northeast China leading to -present in 1993 , at the same time has continued to China adoptive parents consolation activities , through music , encouraged to return home who in Japan , ( consolation activities TBS news special feature we call a big topic also introduced to Marco Polo Bridge Memorial Hall in Beijing and , to be introduced in NHK network capital November 12, 2012 .


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