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Representative: Wayo Yasumoto
The player keeps gathering exceeding the sect, and it acting from classics to the present age tune widely. It is a soloist one by one, the player flexibly corresponds to the ensemble doing the each one's performance activity, and the reputation is obtained in the height of the quality of the performance.
The person, three bamboo flute players, and ten two [**] players or more of the hand drum are assumed to be a key, and the number of players that can be maximum mobilized is about 50 people now.
[**] classroom and the bamboo flute classroom are opened, and it guides it positively of the junior now.

main activity
1986 The activity begins inside and outside the country after it forms "Tokyo [**] ensemble". Mayor New York welcome reception in 1993 world intellectual property international conference opening 1992 I.O.C international conference opening 1990 It depends on the queen composition in king Thai princess welcome reception in 1994 the 1st [re] [famu] sponsoring "[Mu-nraitodeyu;-]. " in the Oriental museum. Performance by chairman of managing director of visit to Japan China National People's Congress welcome dinner party ([**] Guesthouse) in 2002 official residence of chairperson of the House of Councilors completion party 2001 FIFA sponsoring Preliminary Draw in Tokyo party 1999 festival 1998 France President of Chirac reception 1996 the 2nd [re] [famu] sponsoring "Moment at star night" 1995 work performance of Nagano Olympics night of prevenient Performance by nice prince Taiwan Chiayi hotel scale drop ceremony in 2006 total master chef of Imperial Hotel [komurakami] Nobuo separation association in 2005 recital of Midori Nishizaki tune "Nobunaga" recording participation 2004 the JEA/JWAOC sponsoring World Cup final party performance of the third dance person generation [**sou]

< tune of Japan >

( )In the inside, it becomes an organization example.

SAKURA SAKURA (KOTO-Japanese Harp-2 )
WARABE UTA medley (KOTO-Japanese Harp-2 )
6DAN NOTYOU (KOTO-Japanese Harp-1) or (KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and Bamboo flute)
TIDORI NO KYOKU (KOTO-Japanese Harp-2) or (KOTO-Japanese Harp-2 and Bamboo flute)
Sea of spring (KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and Bamboo flute)
KURODABUSI (KOTO-Japanese Harp-3and 17 strings KOTO) or (KOTO-Japanese Harp-3 and Bamboo flute and 17 strings KOTO )
Japanese folk song for seasons (KOTO-Japanese Harp-2 and 17 strings KOTO)
Plover fantasy (KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and 17 strings KOTO) or (KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and Bamboo flute and 17 strings KOTO )
..and more

< overseas tune and popular song, etc. >
( Soprano KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and KOTO 2 and 17 strings KOTO1 )
( Soprano KOTO-Japanese Harp-1 and KOTO 1 and Bamboo flute1 and 17 strings KOTO1 )

Ell [kunpanchero]
The condor flies.
It snows.
13 Jours En France
Queen of Sheba
Love Story
Uselessness on Sunday
The last dance : with me.
Love must not be seen and exist.
La Paloma



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