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< profile >June, 1961 20 Hinase
Hometown: Suginami-ku, Tokyo

(School education)
1985 The law department, Waseda University Graduation

(Work experience)
Toray Industries, Inc. is joined after university graduate business, and it is engaged in trade business.
it will retire in two years it is turnover to free caster announcer.

(Special ability)
English conversation (870 TOEIC), Korean (daily conversation grade)

(Activity history)
1988 - 91 years
Fuji Television -- "-- good mornin " and the "time 3" reporter
1991 - 95 years
TV Asahi "CNN daybreak" and "heavens and CNN" caster [ The, CNN "morning, and N ]
1994 - 98 years
CNN The "Tokyo prime" caster
1995 - 04 years
Tokyo FM Broadcasting "morning freeway" personality
2004 - 05 years
TFM interactive "information siesta" and "first-class one" MC
2005 - 11 years
TV Asahi "super morning" news reporter
2010 -
News EX "KOREAN entertainment of Hiroto Tachibana" navigator
2011 -
TV Asahi "Sunday scramble" news reporter
(From October to an FM Setagaya "K-POPxK-PLACE" navigator)
(Other activities)
- 2005 "way [ I let you known / of hearing it ], and how to talk" (PHP library) publication
- Provide of the vocalist of (myth) of the " loan" of Okinawa, and a South Korean idol group with as a songwriter.
The live etc. are planned and managed as a music producer.
- Island in music P E N Japan member and Oki Sightseeing ambassador


artist profile
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