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Japanese and Western strings that resonate . East meets west!
And violinist Sarah KOMATSUBARA Mikoromoand ( Sharari ) , it is a collaboration unit by Tsugaru shamisen player Pierre Ono .
A novel combination of the Tsugaru shamisen , a traditional Japanese instruments , stringed instrument called violin to represent classical music , and has produced music that is acceptable to people of all ages and nationality .
Currently, appeared in Party Concert Live especially in the metropolitan area , has gained popularity slightly Japanese and foreign questions .
Also I am developing a music various activities such as planning and the concert . Get the Tokyo official Heaven Artist topped the challenge in 2013 , and 50 times magnification , and is one of the most unit must keep an eye on now .

< Main appearance - Award -winning >
Tokyo certified Heaven Artist pass 2013
Sponsored by VOGUE "FASHION'S OUT NIGHT2013" in Omotesando AO
Bandai sponsored summer festival ( Bandai headquarters )
" String of Japanese and Western that resonate " Palace Hotel Tachikawa salon concert
16th Umeyashiki vaudeville ( Dairinji )
Kamakura City Board of Education sponsored concert " collaboration - beautiful classic sum fun Kazuhiro "
" New Year of Takanawa " New Year's plan Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
Panasonic all-electric Fair
Akasaka Ark Hills Autumn Festival ... and many more


Pierre Ono ( Tsugaru shamisen )
Participation in 2002 pro street body Tsugaru shamisen performance unit in the " security Shami Street " , to activities , such as street festivals , TV sets, radios at home and abroad .
To fit the excellent results , such as runner- up in the Tsugaru shamisen Competition Standing " Warehito ( Hollande ) " Tsugaru shamisen quartet .
Join " ASH-Roty ( now " thunder THE sun ") to which was formed by young Japanese music player than our '06 , active in the show , such as in Ginza Hakuhinkan theater and Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX.
( As a " project KazuTsuyoshi ") , has developed a wide range of activities to provide music performers , such as shamisen guidance to actors responsible Katori Shingo starring the " Zatoichi TheLast " music .
2005 Tsugaru shamisen National Convention ( Hirosaki ) C -class - winning 2005 All-Japan Tsugaru shamisen Kanagi tournament Class B prize

KOMATSUBARA Mikoromo ( violin )
Musashino Academia Musicae graduation . Started working as a violinist than student .
After graduation, he formed string quartet "La SUR String Quartet " , the Spanish band " Arco Guitarra " , Latin band " Chachara - Noche ", etc. , to expand the playing field throughout the country .
In '01 , he formed Gypsy music unit " Kechika - Burasuka " , Tokyo official street performance license " Heaven Artist ", organized by Nippon TV " NTV License" acquisition . Many also participated in the recording , as well as strings arranger in addition to performance
Activity .
Many other performers , concert board domestic and overseas cruise " Asuka " in the " Pashifikku-biinasu " is also a good reputation in special events at the Tokyo Disney Resort as a soloist .

< Main repertoire >
Classic series Classic Medley
( Waltz Radetzky march - La Campanella ~ ~ Zardas spring flower)
Jupiter ( Holst from " planet ")
Pachelbel's Canon
Song of Joy ( Beethoven from " Symphony No. 9 ")

smooth criminal (Michael Jackson)
Tears seem
The Walk and facing up
Festival Mambo
Coffee rumba

Nursery rhyme
Sakura Sakura

Film music · ROCK
Pipeline ( Nchazu should )
Mizaru (movie " Pulp Fiction ", " TAXI ", etc.)

Passion continent ( Taro Hakase )
Tsugaru Jongara clause
Encounter ( Thu??true City)
Warehito ( original )
Soran Bushi ( Hokkaido folk song )
Christmas song medley of season
Summer medley etc



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