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Real name: Rokkawa Aya
Birthday: January 12
Place of birth: Nagano prefecture
Hoshizaki: Capricorn
blood type: O type
Respecting singer: Misora Hibari

guidance from a father who was a musician from elementary school fourth grader

September 1991 Nagasaki Song Festival participation [Shin-etsu Broadcasting representative]

June 1992 Yamaha Teen's music festival Nagano block special award received

1995 Nosk Amateur Music Festival Gold Award

1996 June Winning SBC Radio Karaoke Competition

September 1996 Nosk Amateur Music Festival Gold Prize (2 consecutive years)

September 1997 Nosk Amateur Music Festival Tokyo Competition Grand Prix Winner

December 1997 "City of Shinshu Encounter (Poetry: Akira Aokira Arrangement / Arrangement : Ryosaki Koji) / c / w love scattering " Debut with Ayano Aya from King Records

April 2006 Regular program "Music Graffiti" (FM mother ship)

2006 May "Re-debut as aya from holiday Japan with c / w" Love the playful of love "cherry blossom papers paper

2008 April Regular program "My Heartful SONG" [SBC Shin-Etsu Broadcasting / FM Watch]

June 2008 2nd single "Shinano Road, a woman is alone" c / w "From Mother River to Milky Way" (Publisher: Holiday Japan Release

November 2009 3rd single "cherry blossoming flowers" c / w "Inubin Saito" (Publisher: Holiday Japan) released

April 4th single "Sagano Road Railway Station c / w" Sale of "January

5th single" sin "c / w" Releasing rain "(selling agency: holiday Japan) released Sale of the artist name" Aya "To" Suwa Shiori ", from Japan Crown" Sado Koiko / Karen Hana "released


artist profile
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