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Professional cheerleading team of support that gives vibrant , cheerful courage in the world " TEAM SPARK "
Since its formation in 2000 , sporting events and TV programs , corporate meetings and pep festival as a professional cheerleader Japan's first
We are rooting for all things regardless of family events, etc. genre .

Results of Activities TV appearance
Star / Obiraji R / Super News / Wonderful most Kato~un KAT-TUN / Bonbi Men / ska J /
Market / Satasuma Hanamaru Gen / Pooh! / Of / Panikura / Akata that does not tell the school 's places /
Bored aristocrat / @ Supplements / Other

event appearance
F1 Japan Grand Prix SUPER AGURI / Yokohama Minatomatsuri ZaYokohamaparedo / Heiwajima Boat Race The 54th All Japan Championship SG
/ Intercity Baseball / Tokyo Game Show / Tokyo citizen Marathon / Chuo Sports Marathon / 13th JAPAN
3on3 / canned coffee WONDA nationwide caravan / Itabashi cup " Shougaishanohi " celebration / KEIRINN Grand Prix
05'06 '/ LION General Assembly / Japan and South Korea co-hosted the FIFA World Cup Draw / other


artist profile
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