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- Japanese oldies band -
They are a super high tension j-pop band. They play the 50's-60's Oldies song and 70's-80's disco namber ,japanese pop song ,so widely.Please enjoy!


She has the audition of Oldies House "Kento's" at 18 years old it, and becames exclusive Vorcal of "Kanazawa Kento 's".

Afterwards, she moved " Kawasaki Kento's" and acted freely a parts from "Kento's".

She keeps extending to many fields such as an activity, a Tokyo nightclub, local nightclubs, and hotels of back-up vocals etc. and live acting.

She workes as lecturer Vorcal of the sound special school recording practice also .

BAND/Fifty-Seven's 57

He was born at Novenber.3 in Chiba.He participates in various bands with his falsetto voice.He has a good MC that respected by the professional comedian.He sing a oldies song and disco song and folk song and pop music and Chanson so Variety.

He served as another of activity and a lot of famous singers' backing bands as a leader of "Star NISIKINO" band in the hotel dinner show concert in the whole country etc.He is acting from folk to the rock regardless of the field now.

He was born at July.10 in Tokyo.
He is a bassist who often moves more than not only energetic base play but also vocal, and He has a preeminent technique.

He was born at July.12 in Mie.
He was participated in Cools. He touches the piano in the lounge in Tokyo etc. , and it is participating in a lot of bands now.

He was born at March.22 in Kumamoto.
He has been gripped in the member since four years old. He was united the band with the junior high school and the high school in local, a lot of live activities are done, and after He goes to Tokyo, He is acting as a drummer of a lot of backing bands.



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