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OOSAWA,Kaori (Pf)

She was born as eldest daughter of "Nagauta Iemoto" . She started a classic piano from three years old, and converted it into jazz at the Japan Women's University attachment high school days. She studied under Mr. Aki Takase after college.

She was involved in the theme composition and the performance of radio programs (Nippon Broadcasting System).

She entered the United States Berklee College of Music in 1988. She acted as band around Boston while attending school.

She returned home after it graduates in December, 1990. She holds the concert in Mexico, and pursus the success in 1992.

She was doing a performance activity wide work on the collaboration of the performance, the forward dance that leads an own band, and the jazz piano in a lot of live spots.

She participated in a "Takase Aki special orchestra" in "Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. jazz festival In Hamamatsu"in June, 1999. She performed with "Aki Takase"who is her master and "Terumasa Hino" who was participated as guest.

Moreover, She is performing live by two piano with "Takase Aki" every year.

She is attracting attention as a pianist of the ability sect who always tries the challenge to the novel style.


artist profile
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