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"MIRAI" piles up study to stick to Uot of each musical instrument, and to create the music world accepted in a new age every day. I will do the tone of the bamboo flute that sounds in the percussion and the mind of a peculiar rhythm and the rhythm of an unpleasant machine in the Tsugaru samisen with the beat and the performance it puts on the sound in which zeal overflows during simplicity, the tune that everybody often knows is selected centering on the original, and with dreams that can touch "Mind of music".
Please enjoy state-of-the-art of the contemporary music by the collaboration of Wahiroshi.

Tsugaru samisen (Shimizu Manami)+ percussion (support member)+ bamboo flute(support

Manami Shimizu(Tsugaru samisen)
Shaminist Manami
She started "Tsugaru samisen"from 17 years old. She studied under "Masaaki Sawada" and "Syouyuu" is acquired. She becomes independent of the Sawada style and Tsugaru samisen group "MIRAI" is formed in 1999. "Part of the 11th Tsugaru samisen all-Japan Kanagi rally group" victory in the same year. Achievement of two successive victories 2000 year.
They performs to "Kentaro Haneda and companions" concert in 2001, and it co-stars with Yasuko The Jazz Singer Agawa and guitarist bush clover Tani. It participates in "Aomori Japan fair, overseas performance" for 2004,2005 years, and it performs in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. The activity begins as a leader of Wahiroshi unit "Future" in 2006. The performance that values only woman's rich sensibility and harmony while defending the climate spirit of Tsugaru that is the tradition is paid to attention.

WEB http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mirai/

Support member profile

Ajima Ryuzan (bamboo flute)
It studies under the living national treasure and the our country of the mountain mountain the bamboo flute. It graduates the Japanese music of Department of Musicology at Tokyo University of Arts department, and it enters a school the Tokyo University of Arts graduate school music research course master's course in 1997. It is invited to France Marseille Consulate General of Japan, and it solo performs as a Japanese culture introduction business. Suntory Hall Debut concert appearance. 1998?Marunouchi walk museu Katsuhiko Hibino?Music participation.
Tokyo University of Arts graduate school music research course master's course completion in 2000. It assumes the position of the Tokyo University of Arts part-time assistant in 2002. In Akasaka and the Guesthouse, it performs by the reception that comes to Japan Japanese country Cou. Co-starring in 2005 with Janacek string quartet group. It participates in Japan Festival In VIETNAM in 2006. A Vietnamese government undertakes the letter of thanks.

Takei Isao(Percussion)
Kunitachi Music College percussion instrument department leaving school before
...university.. ..Latin percussion.. being interested while attending school starts up activity in the percussion ensemble and the Latin band, etc.Afterwards, it participates in the New York tour in merengue band CarnaBanda
Moreover, it descends, and it performs also in various singers' such as,, and Co Segawa bands ..,, Choryompil, and ....Tanimura.. ..new.. order.. Kozai... It is acting in Toru Arima and Norchecbarna sarsaparilla band LIBERACION etc. now.

The support member is adjusted in every case by another and the schedule .

performance tun
Twinkle-Shine(original),Ajisai (original),Yuki No Hitohira (original),Victory(original), Mitoratacoget (original) ,Tsugumi (original) , Samurai (original) ,Manana mar (original) ,MITI_SAI(original) ,Ringo Oiwake,Tsugaru Jyonkara Busi, Tsugaru Yosare Busi, Jyusou no sunayama,Sika no toone,SUKIYAKI song,Komdoru wa tondeiku,Let it be,Mambo No.5, Sekai ni hitotu dake no hana,Coffee rumba,Ave maria,Sen no kaze ni natte,Nada sousou,Bettsame mutyo,Hana,Itudemo yume wo,Hoshi ni negaiwo

original explanati

Yuki No Hitohira, Victory(original) compositions: Shimizu
It composes imaging the birth of only one woman's snow. The appearance to get over the difficulty the snow's occurring to travel and repeating various Electric Horseman and the separations is imagined, and it is produced that the severity seeming is a sorrow and be a woman. It is a tune that it wants you to swell the image while exchanging the life of the snow and each desire and to hear it.

Twinkle (original) composition: Shimizu
A lot of peculiar phrases of the Tsugaru samisen were taken and this tune was made a suite. The desire of wanting you for everyone to always shine from the appearance of the dancer that the smile that shone while thinking of the atmosphere of "Nebuta" and "" festivals of Aomori Prefecture jumps up and down fully and happily and the shining sweat in passion was put in the tune.

Ajisai (original)(original) Composition: Shunsuke Sasaki arrangement: Shimizu
It was born in "12 lakes (blue pond)" in the Tohoku region, and the flower with vitality very much seed flutters in the wind and scatters all over the world. Mysterious, fantastic tune of such a life birth where root is grown in new land, and new kind is born.

Victory (original) composition: Shimizu
It is an assistance tune where "Courage & hope" sent to all people springs. Freshness and the zeal of the world of sports were consciously made. It is a tune that wants to rise thoroughly with the customer feeling the atmosphere of the stadium.

Tsugumi (original) composition: Shimizu
Migrant "" that extended from Siberia for autumn was composed imaging it. Preparing, and the lock piled up the appearance that flew in shoals and piled up the appearance that became one, parted from the crowd, and flew to the development of feeling like the ad-lib of jazz in the phrase to which rhythm mechanism was put out. As for a severe way, it is tune that it wants you to feel the zest for living in the appearance of that flaps stout and greatly.

Mitoratacoget (original) composition: Shimizu
A foreign country (Nepal) far away was established imagining it. What kind of people live in the country?Pleasure and dear, etc. of people having been enclosed by nature in Tibet Himalayas were imaged. k of the yearning that wanted to visit and feelings that approached on the wind were put once. - Mitorata (friendship) Get (song): Nepalese language

Samurai (original) composition: Shimizu
I feel the sorrow like strength and the scream, etc. to live in various lives to live in silence, steepness, and the world of nature. The mind of a Japanese samurai spirit was expressed in the battlefield that ran to the contemporary society and the visionary world was expressed repeatedly.

Manana mar (original) composition: Shimizu
It delivered to the mind when the day slowly rose to a big, wide sea and it made it to the tune where line light sprang as if. The wish was put with the image of a quiet sea of the morning, and hope "Finishing is a road to all starts" peacefully.
- Manana (morning and tomorrow) mar (sea): Spanish

MITI_SAI(original) Composition: Shunsuke Sasaki arrangement: Shimizu
Long-distance train that took people who face work away from home with piled luggage. When the vast scenery seen from the window is seen, usual busy seems to be false. It is a tune that it wants you to feel such time that flows in a relaxed manner.


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