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MIMASU,Miya (Japanese Classic Magic)

Have you ever seen that the unusual play of "KOMA"?

MIMASU,Miya delivered you a happy time.

It answers the request of the customer of congratulation on wedding,the party, the parlor,and the enjoyment of the experience corner of the "KOMA"for children .

"Play making it. "
The enjoyment of the "KOMA" and the Edo "KOMA" production demonstration of the tree by art of the tune "KOMA" and "Potter's wheel demonstration" is added. Only three minutes until the "KOMA" can be done. It is possible not only to see but also to experience dyeing for myself.
Great popularity is planned to an overseas performance. The top of "For souvenir" tree is a business mind according to hope.

Spirit of "Beginning KOMA" Edo.
It extends in the string of "Congratulations on * surroundings year" and "Congratulations *", two and three meters when the theme is gotten beforehand and the message : from among the cut top. It announced also at "With baseball palace" party of Mr.Kazuhiro Yamauchi in 2002.


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