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Magician KURODA

Magician KURODA

Professional magician for all magicians...


days of elementary school, in a dream, that Tocha - Tocha-Emuanku, strange name, the old man of the color of dark bald appeared. He disappeared in prophecy that I become magician.
It had been forgetting to think that a mere dream, I was a high school student, was placed in the hand in the old book store, in a book that explains the history of Walter Gibson Magic, to discover his name, was the accident surprised It has been.
He said, leaving a name to West car papyrus, is a one of the magician of respectable Egyptian Old Kingdom era, puppet beast at will, he predicted the future by reading the motion of the star.

When I was a sophomore junior high school, to unimaginable countryside that Beaver City in the United States Utah is that it had a homestay.
To say next door ... and, by some freak coincidence old man calling himself the legitimate descendant of Iroquois farther away about 2 miles (Indians) lived, and fell in wind up to receive his Inishieshi tion.
Smell beaten in the head with leaves, painted an unidentified green water in the nose and forehead, I would be blow to the head smoke, rituals such as that harassment is, in retrospect, it becomes magician and .... I wonder was the ritual for

After Chuo University Faculty of Law, law department graduation, through a cram school teacher, a magic dealers, full-time professional than in 1995.

than professional colleagues, it takes the nickname of "The Legend of Drunken Master Master", "Emperor of the underground", "walking encyclopedia".

virtuoso of iron-clad technology and dense plot in composed of close-up magic (magic that can be played in a close distance). Read through the domestic and overseas magic related books more than 6000 books. Also familiar with the real black magic and sorcery State of the Union (Grimoire).

Ginza JOKER (Ginza), CREST CLUB (Roppongi), NINJA AKASAKA (Akasaka), dolls Doll (Nihonbashi), CUORE (Shinjuku) Magic bar in the name stores such as, Garden Hong Kong (Ebisu), Grow Thick (Shakujii Park), Ally (New Tokorozawa) Restaurant Bar apprenticeship and the like. .... Traverse a business site from the top of the asphalt to embassy

niche ... table show, counter show, table hop, of about 50 people or 150 people party, bridal, salon Magic in the banquet, such as lecture show.

than in 2009, "Kuroda DVD Series · book" of mania for from Magic movement was released about 40 works.

2011 · 2012 years, two years in a row won the highest score award at Sakaiminato specter test (Intermediate).



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