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He debuted in Manipu~yureta, and won numerous awards, such as World Congress, starting the illusion and formed a women's group witch Tiffany corps graphics then.
I have announced to challenge the latest illusion every year.
It is also the father of mountain brothers familiar with "magic Nya ~", and has worked as well as production of musical magic.
And, I have to produce the debut rookie magician.
Show that unfolds beautifully brilliant, and has earned its reputation and show a high tempo, high sense high level powerful.

The debut of the mountain and brothers magic professional Dies of CM / TV, etc., and supervision and video-related goods, such as a DVD recently.
2002 Teigeki "Johnny's musical SHOK"
Magic and guidance such as "The Witches of Eastwick" Teigeki 2003, and other produce of the original Magic & Musical, etc., wide range of activities have been attracting attention.

30 anniversary celebration July-Japan Indoor Green Association, founded in 2003
Special guest appearance in Prince Akishino, Princess attend the party
SHINJO Illusion production September 15, 2006
Upon retirement of star Tsuyoshi Shinjo outfielder Nippon Ham Fighters, Last Performance and surprise. Configure direct Shinjo illusion. I was able to be surrounded by 360 degrees, and let spectacularly successful escape, teleportation illusion of difficulty E-Class in front of a crowd Sapporo Dome, more than 30,000, and add flowers Shinjo player.

entertainment career

The introduction in 1972 nurses Maki Kitami
For the 1981 study, to Vienna, Austria
New York 1984 "Ghibli Magic Show" guest appearance
Los Angeles Hollywood "Magic Castle" appearance
Netherlands in July 1988 "FISM · World Magic tournament" appearance
Illusion Magic Group "su Tiffany" formation
The "gathering of friendship with the arts and culture stakeholders" June hosted by the Prime Minister, 1990
It is invited as a young magician
July first time in 1993 "Magic World Summit" guest appearance

-winning book

National Theatre entertainment hall 1982 "star rookie Meeting" Silver Award
And in 1990 the National Theatre in "star histrionics"
Silver Award in the Kitami Shin & graphics Tiffany Illusion Magic]
July Los Angeles Long Beach International Magic 1986 (IBM) World Congress winning
The released nationwide Kitami Shin autobiography in October 2006 by the publication Pia! "Yo sons"
Japan Society of magic 2007 "Special Award"
Japan Society of magic 2009 "heaven Hiroshi Award"

Main activities and other performances
First recital "strange magic date to see Te mi" in Ginza in February 1986
October National Theatre and Arts Festival performances 1990 "ILLUSION" Kitami Shin & graphics Tiffany Illusion Special
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space and Arts Festival performances in October 1993 "A Concert of ILLUSION"
Modern Japanese style Illusion "The Kabuki", etc. announced
And in March in Ginza Miyuki Hall 1996 "mini-mini-live" performances
October National Theatre and Arts Festival performance "Shi Kitami Magic LIVE"
Ginza small theater and the arts Festival performances in October 1997 "micro ILLUSION"
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space and Arts Festival performances in October 1998 "Image"
March Magic & Musical 2000 "witch legend" configuration production
October Edogawa synthesis Cultural Center Arts Festival performance "when TIME"
April 2001 Musical Magic "witch legend 2" configuration production
Production configuration "Enter the Night in Ginza Magic Jamie" June
2002 Imperial Theatre "Johnny's musical SHOK"
May Magic Musical "witch legend 3" configuration production
Production configuration "Enter the Night in Ginza 2 of Jamie Magic" in July
Production configuration "Happy Magic Yamagami Brothers" October Hibiyakokaido
December Asakusa Public Hall "Happy Christmas" configuration directed and performed
Magic guidance such as "The Witches of Eastwick" 2003 Imperial Theatre
Production configuration and performed "Happy Spring Break Yamagami Brothers" March-April
Production configuration and performed "pounding magic show Yamagami Brothers" October Asakusa Public Hall
March-April 2004 "witch legend 2004" Room Hall / Asakusa Public Hall production configuration
Production configuration "Enter the Night of Magic Jamie"
August "Hop Step Magic" Hibiyakokaido configuration directed and performed
Magic configuration "fellow forest of mountain brother Happy Series Tejinanya" April 2005
July magic & musical "witch legendary 2005" structure directing
Production configuration "Enter the Night in Ginza Jamie Magic" September
National tour "great adventure! Tejinanya in" April and May 2006
Tokyo International Forum October "TIME2" Kitami Shin recital
July-August 2007, Fuji TV "Odaiba Adventure King" appearance
Planning and construction director "wonder castle ever lived"
April Calbee TV CM guidance Magic 2008
Guidance February Fuji TV, 2009 and "Magic playoff" appearance
Korea against women's golf Opening Ceremony and performed and guidance in December Sun-
June 20010 years "Kuroki Hitomi 30th Dinner Show" Magic guidance
February 2011 "Tokyo Disney Sea Valentine's special stage" magic guidance

Appeared Tokyo hotel, theater, events, luxury liner, the television or the like now.



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