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Leader: IKEGAYA YASUO From Tokyo

He widely acts as a piano, a guitar, and a singer in the night club and the dance hall, etc. in U.S. bases, Tokyo, and Yokohama in the school days.
The sidewinder of a present ten person organization is formed through the Seoul band of seven people after college in 1974 after a piano trio is formed of the organ trio and the guitar trio.
It turns round a television, a radio, and nationwide various places in the song accompaniment and the band performance of the singer and the talent. They performs a lot of the performance of the scale drop of the citizens and the townsman hall in the whole country, the commemoration of the administration, and the presence performance of the official function of the reception and the tree-planting ceremony of IOC, etc.Moreover, the stage whole is planned, production is coordinated, it involved in the work arrangement and the tape and the CD production, and acts widely.
He serves as a music total supervisor of Chiba television 'Karaoke grand prize grand champion rally' for 23 years.
performance musical instruments
Piano, Hammond organ, keyboard, accordion, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, steel guitar, flute, C Merosaccs, bamboo flute, and Fe, samisen, and ..endurance.. percussion (bongo and conga, etc.)
Standard jazz, Autumn Leaves, Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing, and Mona Liza, etc. chiefly


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