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GOMYO,Mika (Violin)

She was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She graduated from Musashino College of Music. She studied under Mr.Yoshio Umino. She performed to the graduation concert and the new figure concert. Afterwards, she studied under Mr.Anton Gurarl in Paris.

Original of the freewheeling thinking and live are being developed without being interested in jazz since the university student, doing study repeatedly, and being caught in an existing idea. Mitsuo guitar Umeda, base Iwakiri, etc. and original CD production in summer of 2001. Tsc style is sensational in each district. outside the fantastic idea heaven of wide music and abundant powers of expressionIt produces the second base album for new development in the autumn of 2002. It keeps evolving though it is a little.

Principal member of jazz band "Malo""CRUSH UP". The sensibility and Souhou only of the violin are made good use of, and an unparalleled performance is popular in another.

The presider of string quartet "HAPPY-TALK" also works. There are a lot of repertoires to pop and standard jazz, too and it listens to a wide sound from an original number not to mention classics regardless of the genre.

Additionally, the place of activity is wide co-star with a lot of musicians who perform, record of TV and CM, and are domestic and foreign. The arrangement and the composition, etc. are handled aggressively, and it is paid attention as ALL ROUND PLAYER.


artist profile
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