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born Height Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture native living in Tok 7?19?: 176cm Weight : 64kg Shoe : 25.5cm

It spread to Japan in the cigar box , juggling world leader in
Decide! Charm ! Then , get into the habit !
An affectation , stylish , humorous . Ridiculously , dandyism .
Exquisite talk and the ultimate dandy , I wage a world of its own
Super juggling entertainment show!
Individual performance , has been supporting a broad range .

" Juggling Entertainer "
Taking advantage of a unique character and rich experience of the actor - dancer Crown , etc. ,
As juggling enter over Tina over , working in television and stage , etc. .
As homework expert " Happy Family Planning " of (TBS),
Guru that has spread to Japan in the popular juggling ( cigar box ) .
Introduction " New Year tournament parlor tricks " the (Fuji TV) , TV · stage in various fields, for example, as a
Worked are many production guidance of juggling , talent you guidance 100 dozens .
? The performance World Cup , was awarded the numerous shows .

" Tepuru Cross discount expert "
" Shirushirumishiru " in ( TV Asahi ) , I have a record of 61 or five-stage glass tower ,
It is also a specialist in lookup table cloth .

" Jagged sized originators "
I were fused with " juggling " and " exercise" ,
The exercise devised a new sense of the world 's first " jug sized " ,
As fitness polish brain and body , is working to spread .



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