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It is woman DUO of the Tsugaru samisen. Is the Tsugaru samisen played in concert around the folk song of Aomori Prefecture-Solo play Is the dream put on the sound of Tsugaru Tsugaru folk song that will deliver stage smelt harmony enough-Representative folk song, nursery rhyme, and another in Japan.
It puts on the tone of the Tsugaru samisen, and ..ballade.. stage of the folk song of pure ..preparing...
The world of Tsugaru samisen & song that gets warm mind. Sand hill Tsugaru C, southern part straw bag song, apple paragraph, and another < performance tune > Tsu negligence paragraph, Tsugaru being stopped paragraph, Tsugaru paragraph, and 13.

- Member Profile -
Shimizu(Tsugaru samisen)
Real name: Manami Shimizu
Saitama Prefecture Toda City coming from. She studies under the Tsugaru samisen and Masaakishi Sawada. She succeeds to the name of Masamasa Sawada . She becomes independent of the Sawada style and Tsugaru samisen group "Future" is formed in 1999.
"Part of the 11th Tsugaru samisen all-Japan Kanagi rally group" victory in the same year. Achievement of two successive victories 2000 year. She performs to "Kentaro Haneda and companions" concert, and it co-stars with Yasuko The Jazz Singer Agawa and guitarist bush clover Tani in 2001. It performs for 2004,2005 years by "Fair Aomori Japan" overseas performance "Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and sea". It begins the activity as Wahiroshi unit "Future" in 2006. The performance that values only woman's rich sensibility and harmony while defending the climate spirit of Tsugaru that is the tradition is paid to attention.

Ryouko Suzuki(Tsugaru samisen &Vocal)
Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe City coming from. She was born as the eldest daughter of expert "Nishizuka Shinka" of southern part Teod, and debut by three years old. She becomes accustomed to the folk song in local Aomori Prefecture and She is familiar. The band is formed after it enters the high school, and the activities of the lock, fusion, and jazz, etc. are started. She wins a prize twice by "Yamaha teens Music Festival", and it the best vocal prize wins.
It the synthesis wins the championship by "Japanese folk song society NishiTokyo rally" for 2000 and 16 years. She studies under the Tsugaru samisen and Masa Sawada. She succeeds to the name of Sawada Kuniwa. She serves as the lecturer at the Ookubo Tsugaru samisen classroom now. The samisen guidance experience and it exists in Jannies.Jr and TOKIO.


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