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Clown: Takahiro Inamoto
He was born in February 8, 1968.
He was a pleasant clown that acquired the clown art in the clown college in the United States. He participated in "The ring ring circus" in New York Madison Square Garden in Florida and 1989.
He performed to big events of "Korakuen", "Hanahac of 90 years", and "the voice '93". one after another in Japan.
He handles the juggle,the devil stick, Chinese horse that are called "Diavolo" not to mention the pantomime and the balloon freely, and develops the stage that which is speedy and in variety.
He is a clown that challenges the stage of the dance besides the clown art with which energies overflow.

[good art] Devil stick, pantomime, Balloon, Diavolo (Chinese horse) ,and juggle dance


artist profile
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