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AMANOJYAKU (TAIKO[Japanese Drums]Group)

AMANOJYAKU (TAIKO[Japanese Drums]Group)

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Establishment in December, 1986.
A drum group heaven dishonesty [oni] is a harmony drum professional group that takes a modern element to the harmony drum of the traditional Japanese theater, aims at the establishment of new harmony drum music, and continues all musical challenges.
The harmony drum is a culture of which Japan can boast. [Washi] and the sound give people pleasure the Japanese soul screwing up of the drawn sound from the trunk of the drum. The sound of the harmony drum is a rhythm that wakes up not a mere sound but the soul, and the drum sound becomes a common sound to the world.
The world of the harmony drum begins to request the substantial change, and the tradition has crossed with the creation now. This wonderful culture is succeeded to the next generation, and evolves to the basis of the tradition with the passing of an era by inventing the leaving creation.
What dignified beauty and leader Watanabe seek is ..catching.. [shiteno] [rinbi] of the drum. the sound that a heaven dishonesty [oni] types outCharacter cultivated by downtown in Tokyo in birth festival. The stage of the heaven made an embodiment dishonesty [oni] creates the original world to adding the sense of rhythm acquired from experience by Latin-American music that devotes oneself more than infancy and the technique highly refined to the basis, and free transforming chic in a Japanese mind and Edo, and I feel a new possibility.
The [rinbi] and the sense of rhythm are filled and overflow in the music performance of a heaven dishonesty [oni]. People's minds are heated with the body strengthened by a technique and muscular training from which the acoustic pressure and brook Hiromi and Mayumi Kawana of the soul that Yoichi Watanabe begins to turn over are highly refined.
It wins overwhelming endorsement, and the high appraisal has been received in appearing on the festival, the performance activity, and the television program in the country in performances in foreign countries that reach 30 countries or more such as Latin America and Europe.
"Skill" in 1994 1995"Relax '95" The video is put on the market, and it sounds and" CD of the spirit ..".. is put on the market in 1999. Moreover, a production activity positive cooperate in the video collection of the drum of Natioanl Theatre Japan is done.
The composition guidance of the creation harmony drum is handled to devote energies to the next generation's promotion when the composition of creation drums of nationwide various places is guided, to activate the hometown, and to promote the youth, and a steady result has been achieved.
In the harmony drum contest of the whole country, it appeared one after another a lot of winners, and peculiar [souhou] was sensational of the harmony drum field.
Use, and and, in fiscal year 2003, Yoichi Watanabe who was the representative of a heaven dishonesty [oni] received, and had Agency for Cultural Affairs sent [no] special command to United States Denver, Colorado as an authority of the harmony drum guidance as for Special Counsel and a cultural exchange the admission of the high leadership.
It is scheduled to act in full scale to make the harmony drum known internationally in the future.



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