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Yang Er Lian ?????????

She was born in Shanghai, and studied singing at the Shanghai opera academy.
She taked an active part as a singer by the Shanghai songs field.

She was won the gold prize in NHK foreigner songs rally on the day in 1983.

She sings in a lot of stages in Japan and China.

The recital has been done every year since 1993 years, and the first class musician's performance is opened in daytime and the original world is opened also to the song of Japan to say nothing of the song of China by an excellent skill as a singer in backing and a transparent sweet voice.
Original tune and "Beloved" and "Mother's moon" by the Miki composition are high the evaluation.

Moreover, the music of national singer "Deng Lijun" of China is announced in the
stage and popular is obtained very much.



Example of repertoire:

Will be it smell (Ricaran) Ogi tradition (Taiwan) rouge (From the
Chinese poem) at beloved (two positive lotus original tune/Miki
composition) night?It is a representative Ryo of sand (present age
popular song) taste road MY MEMORY (present age popular song)(sonata
insertion song of winter) moon Wa mind to the flow at the Herr
reappearance (Teresa and representative Ten tune) for days of tune
(Chinese northeast baby-sitter song) Warabecami (Okinawa) how many ..
leaving whether lives (I).. as for the body. (Teresa and representativ
e Ten tune)


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