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Brenda Vaughn

Brenda Vaughn

Vocalist, song writer, arranger, producer.

She Participation and gospel are sung to the wire of the church (choir) since

After it migrates to Auckland, it comes to receive the appearance request from a lot of clubs of the west coast in the United States taking the opportunity of appearing of the radio on the audition program.

At that time, it queues up taking an active part similarly in the local Auckland and now worldwide with famous Ann Vogue, Tonitonitone, sealing coat E, and Jeffrey Osborne et al. and it takes charge from the booking of the event to produce as an entertainment director with by the side that spends the enhanced artist life and 'of famous shop of old standing club Geoffrey of Auckland s Inner Circle. In the main one, the audition event etc. of George Duke, Mcknignt Brian, and the Motown record.

An overseas negotiation of the top artists in Japan including Gosperarz and coordinations are handled after it comes to Japan in 98 afterwards and the recording and the sound produce, etc. are handled.

The triple platinum album and two pieces won the platinum album to one piece among albums of Gosperarz. The charity concert etc. also had served from the project to the stage supervisor since the United States age, and moreover, famous Singer was invited from the United States by the breast cancer extermination campaign (alias pink ribbon) in Tokyo Roppongi Grand Hyatt Hotel in October, 2006 and it concluded quite successfully. A wide activity over such many years was able to be admitted, and “LIVINGLEGEND" (mind of "Legend where it lived") was won in BAY AREA BLACK MUSIC AWARDS done in United States San Francisco in April 20 July.

Brenda Vaughn

The main career after she comes to Japan

< recording >
Gosperarz, Ken Hirai, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Mika Nakashima, SMAP, Yuki Koyanagi, JAMOSA, MIMMI, chemistry, Fayray, product Tatami, Cocoroza Kinoshita, and morning daughter. ?TOKU, RX, Maki Oguro, Sowele, Osacatuu, Crystal Kei, Shizuka Kudo, the sun, Cisco Moon, Miura large wisdom, and Hikaru Utada, Ami Suzuki, and W?Game music such as English version, KONAMI, and inds, DEVLARGE, ZYX, TRF, Mink, yaSya, pearl brother, Taki Kobayashi, SAKURA, Lyrico, SINSKE, and "Legends" theme of TV animation tune very/that doesn't stop SEGA etc.

< concert/tour >
Gosperarz, Katashi Hirai, Fayray, Cocoroza Kinoshita, Ami Suzuki, SAKURA, and

< TV appearance >
It is many such as concert without NHK Red and White New Year's Music Special and the title, music fair, and our music, music station, pop jam, laughed adventure TVCM JAL of the dog, Haagen Dazs, VISA card, the Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Biore, McDonald, NTT DoCoMo, Max Factor, peach John, and Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Mazda, Nissin, and Suntory Limited.


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