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Debut as actress under contract film company " Toei " .
I make a study of belly dance visited Egypt , the United States and Germany .
In addition to the singing ability of the [ Arabic ] has a reputation dance and sing as a " dancer " , regardless of age or sex to the stage gorgeous glossy , fan base is wide.

It is appointed Toei movie Agi Yoko , the first director to " TANKA " .
In addition, a large number , it appeared as a guest to dinner show entertainer .
The playing field is spread further taken up as a " charismatic belly dancer " is also in the press .

Now , while you are hosting a " Dance art Atelier Pasha " , I am developing a spectacular show as the leader belly dance team of " Oriental Rose " .
In addition , became a member "Tokyo Performing Arts Association " and " Japan Association of magic " , taking advantage of the experience up to now , you do not have to worry only dance , it is the challenge of a lot of interest in a new field .

The main theater that has appeared

Aoyama Round Theatre , Mielparque Hall , Yakult Hall , Shinjuku Koma Theater , Asakusa Public Hall , ABC Hall , Hakuhinkan theater , Bunkyo Civic Hall , Ushigome Dancing Hall , Omiya Sonic City

The main program that has appeared
Nippon Television TBS " Broad caster " , " supplement " , Asahi Broadcasting Corporation " Gokigenburan'nyu " , Fujiyama Sutaa Kansai , Osaka Asahi broadcasting " quiz Shinsuke -kun "


artist profile
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