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LUKE&Magic Revolution

Revolution child in magician boundary where felt-tipped marker was started from five years old.
Tokyo Disneyland and the Universal Studios Japan musical appearance Brilliant results are piled up as a magician of appearance to NHK BS " Mother and accompaniment" and Nippon Television Network Corporation system " Waraten" etc. , and it receives high acclaim.
It has the career to which the echo is created by "Danced walking stick" that became a standard item of the felt-tipped marker, and, now, it is supported by the age, sex, and nationality To many people. "High quality performance Howard" is won from the Japanese magic society that is admitted these results, and is composed of a professional magician.

There is a wide repertoire such as the table felt-tipped markers that do from a large scale illusion felt-tipped marker of the human body exchange and the human body emergence, etc. in the ESP felt-tipped marker, Sraihandom agecc such as putting out the pigeon, and the presence, and the felt-tipped marker that especially multiplies hypnotism is one of the shows only of them.


artist profile
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