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< Vorcalstageorecording >
" KOYANAGIYUKI " - Christmas CD, " UTADAHIKARU " - Give me a reason, TOSHIBA-EMI LTD., the other multitude.

< live concert tour/performance >
It is another many like a feature Levy Jackson international tour and Ayumi MJJ recording artist Faye won bohemian rhapsody concert Nippon Budoukan Hamasaki concert tour, etc. as for Blunortoraibhaustemptation, Tina Marie, and Malsa Reeves in Motown cafe Yokohama grand opening Osaka and Fukuoka. the other multitude.

< TV& commercial >
Konishiki-Suntory Limited old whisky and Mr music ink SMAP SMAP Christmas special TRF It is a feature musical fair as for Lauryn Hill. Is it Ayumi feature Hamasaki as for Sakamoto and Morita of "Sexily" of Fuji TV Hitomi Avex and music video V6 of CDTV It is another many like each bureau music program etc.


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