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Koran Daniels

Koran Daniels

Saxophonist and music producer
Music is learnd under Mr. Bill Ellington (nephew of Duke Ellington) in the high school age.

Music is majored in in CHENEY STATE COLLEGE, and it ..individual lesson.. studies under Mr. John Parcel. A lot of stages and the studio work are handled as a professional in the United States and Japan, and the ability is demonstrated afterwards. Jazz is especially most skillful not to mention being able to correspond to all genres.

< activity career in the United States>
He records as a full member of Atlantic Star, and does the concert tour.
The sound track of TV animation is handled including Flint Stones.
(female chorus group) A.S.A.P . It participates in another many and the concert tour.

< activity career in Japan >
Touko Furuuti, Maki Oguro and Aikawa Nanase and others and music video participation.
He costars by Diane King, Janet Kay and the concert.

Additionally, the performance activity is done with the hotel and the nightclub, etc.


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