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Glynis "Bone" Martin

Glynis "Bone" Martin

Singer / Producer / Song Writer /Bass Player / Drummer / Keyboard Programmer

Glynis Martin, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is without doubt one of America's most talented vocalists. Glynis says: "My life is music. I was a singer when I was born and remain a singer today.

" His musical influences include Donny Hathaway, George Benson, Verdine White and Stevie Wonder. Glynis' first tour as a bassist and background vocalist was at the age of 11 with the Soul/R&B Group "DETROIT EMERALDS", having toured throughout the world with the likes of EARL KLUGH/GEORGE BENSON, AFTER 7, CLARK SISTERS, UNV of "THE MADONNA GIRLIE TOUR" and Japan's YUKI KOYANAGI and KEN HIRAI, just to name a few. His amazing stage presence is with a love for his music that is best described as a total addiction.


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