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A great artist shows up, and a powerful singer who prophesies a new century is
born every day. DONYALE RENEE is exactly one of such the singers who have the talent.

She worked as the professional singer who is stricter than 1996.
Daniel Rennie's sound is different from " Whitney Houston ", " Mariah Carey ", " Chaka Khan " and " Aretha Franklin " " brandy " " Monika " " Celine Dion ". The charisma of her Vorcal is in the place where the feature of all those great singers is blocked in one.

She comes from Texas, Houston.
So far, it sang Atlanta mayor, Bill Campbell. Yuji Ota also who it was the first class recorded artist in "Maxi Priest" Japan of the R&B singer "Monifa" reggae artist and was the actor backed up by regular. The talent that Daniel Rennie was uncommon has been inherited from her mother. " She of the music which I heard first was the song of the mother. was a gospel singer " and Daniel say.

She is pop, R&B, jazz, a gospel, hip hop and so on, sticking to no kind of style.
It sings various styles flexibly and it does them.


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