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Multi Entertainment show to have made good use of backing sound that used MP3 in style of playing talking of guitar & vocal.
He expresses the Western music oldies song, the hit song of 50`S-80'S mainly in the Beatles song.He piles up the voltage of the hall at a dash. MC that a character that inborn is bright, happy Japanese, and English mixed is shown for that.

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Coming from Australian Sydney.
The marriage visa merit finishes in Japan.
He has a career as the narrator of the TV commercial and the back band of " Morning Musume " " NAGASETOMOYA (TOKIO) ", too.The BRAD that any work of the music relation performs the job.

From Australia and Sydney The marriage visa has been acquired in Japan. It has the career as the backing band of narrator of television CM and "Morning Musume" and "Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO)", and work related to music is Brad who digests anything. Multitalented entertainer who has mind of Japan and professional spirit.

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Stage of 30 minute/once(It accedes to a request, and the round in the hall is also possible.)
Please arrange the sound (mike mike stand monitor speaker etc.).
Please arrange the pin mike when you hope for the hall round.


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